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In 1948, after the death of Ernest William Stanford, Sr., his son, Ernest William "Capt. Red" Stanford, Jr., continued in his father's footsteps at City Market in Brunswick, Georgia.  During this time, Brunswick was known as the shrimp capital the world. Millions of pounds of shrimp were caught off the coastal waters of Georgia.  These sweet and succulent shrimp were bought by "Capt. Red" and sold across United States.
In 1987, "Capt. Red" purchased City Market Packing House, located right on the Brunswick River.  Fresh shrimp are unloaded right off the local shrimp boats, then packed and processed.
The business continued to grow and City Market became a well-known and respected place for people to come and purchase fresh shrimp and seafood.  After the death of "Capt. Red," in April 2003, the business was left to his oldest grandson, Frank Owens, Jr. to manage City Market, and son-in-law, Bruce Collins, to manage The Packing House.  From customer demand, we have implemented the shipping process, with great rates and overnight delivery of the freshest shrimp - guaranteed!
In these times of increased competition with the foreign import markets, City Market is carrying on a time-honored family tradition of selling the finest fresh seafood on the Eastern Coast of the United States.